Built as an 8-bed hospital, it's doors opened in 1948.
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Operating Room, February, 1968
Matron Sybil McGarva with horses and cart - Sheets filled the back yard on rows of clotheslines
Christmas in the Nurses Quarters Dining/Livingroom
which was the ground floor of the building.

Matron Merle Morris's laughter filled the air !!!
A Nurses Residence was built next door in 1960
After much protest the doors were closed as the Union Hospital, May/1968, it became the Village Health Clinic
As a Clinic the West Wing had an office and the whole wing was open with columns. Carpet was laid over all the beautiful battleship linoleum, lots of renovations including a new front porch, were completed.

After several years it became a Children Daycare and meeting place, for several clubs, including the ceramics had a kiln in the downstairs original hospital kitchen.

Till the Village tendered off both Buildings and property. 
Sybil McGarva former Matron, was also a part of the Board for the Village Health Clinic and the Sunrise Villa the
Senior's Residence that was built across the street..... Before she passed Sybil shared her love of the building
with the owners; who believe the Spirit of the building is definitely female !
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Protest on the stairs of SK Legislature building 1969