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        Residence, Workshop, Studios & Jardinière Gallery 
Originally built as the Maryfield Memorial Hospital in 1948, as a cottage style manor, the building has been an integral part of the Maryfield Community. In 2000, new owners had it renamed Atelier Manor; which means the artist's studio and craftman's workshop. It was then opened as a Bed & Breakfast and had hundreds of guests from all over the world. Atelier has hosted several Art Shows and Charity Events. After seven years, Atelier closed its doors as a B&B. Since then it has been transformed into the unique family home of Artist Jayne' (Raven) and Richard Childs. It now houses their workshops and Jardinière Studio/Gallery, hence the name "Atelier".
For all the babies born in the Hospital, the families of loved ones and the staff of this once important Health Facility for this area; many of who were guests of the B&B, we offer these photos and web pages to commemorate their memories and recognize its place in Maryfield's community history.